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Spirit of Creation






Available in:



Level Available
Sells for 1
Sells for 2
Price 2
Xp Gain
Level 15
2,925,000 coins
5,850 shards
3,900,000 coins
7,800 shards
390,000 XP


When Colossals are engaged in an act of creativity, they often describe the experience among themselves as being guided by a 'spirit of creation.' Depicted in ancient artworks as a kindly old being attuned to the power of nature, the spirit would whisper ideas and inspirations to its creator companion, and otherwise provide a backing track of gentle humming to which one could work. It was actually this piece of imagery that inspired the Colossals to imagine themselves as the guardians of the various islands of the Monster World, long before the cataclysm that ended the Dawn of Fire brought it about as reality.
Behind the scenes:
This Special Edition Decoration is based on one of the earliest pieces of concept art for My Singing Monsters, back when its project codename was Songster Island. The Monster-Handlers would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your support of My Singing Monsters! They couldn't do it without you!

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