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Hi!!! I'm


I'm MSMPokeGamer, MPG or Poke for short!

I started my YouTube channel in 2013 because I totally love My Singing Monsters and wanted to share my joy from playing with others. I ABSOLUTELY love MSM and making videos for y'all, especially whenever new monsters arrive!

I'm an official Megafan of My Singing Monsters. I even have a certificate from the creators behind the game! I spend pretty much all of my free time making videos on YouTube. All videos on my main channel are edited and recorded by me.

Check out my second channel, MPGPlays, for more gaming fun beyond just My Singing Monsters!


Let's talk more about the joy of making videos!

I've been learning the ins and outs of video making and editing since I started in 2013. Let me tell you, it's an absolute blast! Sometimes, I get so lost in the fun that hours zip by like seconds, especially when new monsters come onto the scene!

It's so fun making videos! The My Singing Monsters community is my favourite place to be <3


Bleats of the Niks!! Bleatnik.png
Woolabee holds bird!.png


Ever wondered how I create all my videos? Let's lift the curtain on my video-making magic! 🎬

  • Video Editing: I use Final Cut Pro as my go-to.

  • Live Streaming / footage capture: QuickTime Player and OBS.

  • Graphics & Thumbnails: Photoshop

  • Sound: Audacity

  • Microphone: Shure MV7

  • Camera: Sony A6400.

  • Computer: M1 MacBook Pro max

And that's all the tools that help me bring My Singing Monsters videos to life!

fun facts

about me


Favourite monsters?

Peckidna, Tapricorn, G'Day, Blarret, Bleatnik, and Woolabee. In that order! Peckidna and Epic Woolabee are my all time favourites


Other favourite monsters?

Rare Poewk, Galvana, Gob, HippityHop


Favourite island so far?

Mythical and Bone Island. There's no question


What is your age?

I'll keep that a secret ;)


Where do you live?

England. In the UK!


What do you do in your free time?

Make videos, watch cartoons and anime, play video games, gym, and walking!


Least favourite island?

Amber Island and the Colossingum


When did I start playing My Singing Monsters?

March 2013. And I haven't missed a day of playing since!


Why do you still play My Singing Monsters when you have everything?

I just can't stop playing! New content keeps me wanting to play and my love for the game <3


Favourite game apart from My Singing Monsters?



How did you get so rich in My Singing Monsters?

I've been playing for years! I've never really had to spend any money in the game, almost everything is from my love in playing.


What's a golden memory you have?

Officially being dubbed as a Megafan of the game by the Monster-Handlers! They sent me a certificate and goodies.


How many hours have you played My Singing Monsters?

Too many - 1,500+ on my Steam account and thousands on mobile


Who is in the background of your videos?

That's Wooladog - my dog! His real name is Mickey, but we call him Wooladog on my YouTube channel. He retired from the MPG crew in February 2024.


Life goals?

To be happy!! :)


Favourite video game?

My Singing Monsters of course!


Favourite film?

Alice In Wonderland is the one I'd choose. I have so much nostalgia for that film


Hobbies you're into?

Musicals! I am obsessed with them. I also am non-stop reading books on my Kindle


Least favourite monsters?

DOF Schmoochle and Blabbit, Spurrit, Maulch, Anglow, and Gobbleygourd


Most wanted update?

COLOSSAL ISLAND! Colossals to appear in their spirit forms.


What is your real name?

Ben is my real name. I prefer to be called MPG or Poke online though


Your favourite season?

Summer! Although my favourite Seasonal Event has to go to Life-Formula cuz MONCULUS


Who inspired you?

Diane Delsig! <3

MPG Crew

PC250008 copy.JPG

Hi, I'm MPG's sister, Molly, I sometimes appear in live streams and occasionally in videos, I'm super proud of my brother and how far he has come! But enough about him, let's talk about me! I help Ben with playing My Singing Monsters which I'm happy about because it helps him focus on what he loves (making videos for you lovely people <3). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Glowl and Rare Poewk.

My favourite island must be Bone Island and also my favourite thing about my singing monsters is the lore! I watch many theory videos too, mostly to do with horror as that's my favourite genre in games, which is probably why Jam Boree is one of my favourite monsters too! Much to MPG's dismay as he's scared of that one lol.

(2012-2024) >

Woof wooooof woof ruff ruff!

I'm Wooladog! My actual name is Mickey but thats what people decide to call me, I was born in 2012, the picture next to this text is the exact day when I came home! I love taking naps and I love food even more but the best thing is taking walks with MPG! I think bone island is my favourite island because of bones.

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 12.34.25.png

And of course, then there's me. The MPG-inator! My favourite genre of games is ones with music, stories, and in a cartoony style. And from this, I'm sure you can see why My Singing Monsters is my all-time favourite game! I've been playing since I was very young and it's actually one of my earliest memories.

I *live* for all the experiences I get to have with all of you. I would comment my favourite experience, but all of them with you are <3!! From all the way back in 2013 where I recorded my first video from the top of my sister's toy box with a camera in hand struggling to record, to today with a full set-up, I can never believe how far I've managed to come with you all.

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