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the best guide for the game

Hey Handler Helpers! Ready to become a breeding pro in both My Singing Monsters, Dawn Of Fire? My guide is your ultimate resource!

What's Inside the Guide 📚

  • Breeding Combos: All the best combinations for monsters, sorted from best to worst to use.,

  • Monster Intel: Secret likes, unique sounds, requirements, and tons more!

How to Use This Guide 🎮

  1. Select a Tab: Select a monster type below or search for a monster by searching at the top of the site.

  2. Read Below First: Get extra savvy by reading additional info below—trust me, it'll level up your breeding game!

So, what are you waiting for? Your journey to becoming a monster breeding genius starts now! 🚀

My Singing Monsters Mammott

Boost Your Breeding Success

My Singing Monsters Quibble

Want to up your odds of getting that dream monster? Here are some top tips to maximize your breeding chances!

Pro Tips 🌈

  1. Light 'em Up: Make sure all wishing torches on your breeding island are lit.

  2. Level Up: Higher-level monsters mean higher chances for rarer breeds.

  3. Island skins: Buy island skins to power-up your wishing torches.

  4. Top Combos: Always go for the best breeding combinations from my guide if you can; they're at the top of each monster's page for a reason!

  5. Zap 'n' Free: If a breeding attempt fails, zap those monsters to Wublin, Celestial, or Amber Island. It keeps your nursery open for more tries!

Extra Note 🎵

Using Rare monsters, like Rare Fwog, works the same as regular ones and won't affect your breeding odds.

Now go forth and breed like a champ!

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