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Rares can be bred with their common version to breed more of their commons at a 100% success rate when it’s rare isn’t available. This is especially useful for egg requiring monsters.


When brand new monsters arrive in-game there's most of the time a sale where rares/epics that lower your chances to get the new monster become available the following day. Try to get the new monster before or after this, and try to use combinations that won't result in as much failure by observing which monsters are available.


Islands are ordered by what you should focus on first. This excludes islands from Bone Island on the map that focus on zapping eggs and teleportation. Read the other tips for what to do from there.


Purchase islands when you have triple the amount of coins required. Most castle upgrades from plant island to bone island cost double the island price. Therefore spending coins elsewhere till you reach this amount would be best.


Gold Island shouldn't be a priority other than this, monsters should be obtained gradually as you progress.


Focus on feeding and teleporting teleport island monsters. Most require level 15 to be teleported, so try to focus on it when it's achievable when your monsters are around level 13. Levelling up these monsters will allow you to advance quicker.


Ideally wait for a wubbox sale [50% off] till purchasing Wubbox.


Before starting the countdown for egg required monsters, be prepared and breed their largest requirements such as 4 elementals beforehand.


Only purchase Werdos when they are on sale [50% off]


Wubbox on Wublin Island requires all Wublins. This should be the final monster you get alongside the Celestials, as it produces the same as all Wublins alike to the Celestials.


Starpower besides being able to buy decorations can be used to purchase rare monsters in sales.


Aim to be in a tribe that levels up their monsters equal to what you level up yours. Your rewards are based on everyone's efforts - not just yours.


Make a small in app purchase to support the amazing monster-handlers and gain access to more diamonds with the maximum mine on Plant Island and Mirror Plant Island, and bonus nursery/breeding structures to heavily increase progress.


Only purchase a bonus breeding structure and nursery together or else there will be nowhere for eggs to go unless zapping from the breeding structure.


4 element monsters are great for coin farms, they are the most easiest to obtain high producing coin monsters.


Happier monsters produce coins faster. Purchase a monsters likes when they aren't expensive and you play more than once a day. If you play once a day you won't see much of an effect as the capped coin amount will be reached all the same.


Decorations to especially consider if you should purchase include all ones above 1,000,000 coins for lower producing monsters, and 5,000,000 coins for higher producing monsters.


If using an island as a coin farm, you can still place monsters into the hotel and potentially keep one of each to continue breeding limited time monsters.


You could store one of each decoration in the warehouse so all monsters are always happy.


Kaynas on Amber Island take up only 1 bed and have no timer. They can be a excellent way to farm relics as they have the largest bed to relic ratio.


Rare and Epic monsters appear mostly inside of Seasonal events and the events associated to their islands.


You can boost your Sanctum and Ethereal farms by getting Rare and Epic single elementals.


Only teleport one of each monster to the teleport islands as more can be bred easily.


If you're using diamonds to get a monster, zap unsuccessful eggs to a egg requiring monster. Even if your not focusing on waking them up, place them down, especially for wublins only costing 5,000 coins, and it will cut the diamonds spent by half.


If you miss a day played, the option appears to resume your daily log in streak for 4 diamonds. Always spend these as the rewards are worth it.


Amber Island monsters only produce more relics at certain levels. Don't level up a amber island monster unless you know they will produce more by doing so.


Monsters above level 15 produce bonus rewards including: keys, relics, diamonds, and starpower. The chance of obtaining bonus rewards increases as you keep levelling up from level 15.


if purchasing currency, ideally spend it on diamonds as they are the most valuable resource. The warm up pack is great for getting started though!


Spare shards can be turned into diamonds in the market. 30,000 shards turn into 1 diamond. But, more diamonds can be earned (in addition to starpower) from being in a good tribe.


On mobile you can watch videos to speed up breeding to save diamonds.


Breed and then sell rarer/high element monsters for coins! The shugafam especially sell for half a million coins.


Share your friend code elsewhere and try to join torch lighting groups to increase breeding chances.


Don't level up Dipsters past level 10 as it will take you months or most likely YEARS to earn the currency back.


Limited time monsters you don't have glow inside of the book of monsters to show you that they're available.


Log in everyday for the Colossal Conundrum to get prizes, including diamonds, and so you can awaken the islands!


To breed another rare version of a monster whose rare you already have, breed this rare along with their common version as this is the best combination to use to breed rares when you can. This excludes 1 Element monsters.


Island skins, wishing torches, and higher levelled monsters increase your breeding chances.


Sometime after obtaining Cold Island, wake up ONE Brump to obtain shards. Doing anything on Wublin Island at this stage will hault progress. However, getting one Brump, which is the easiest to wake up will produce shards. This will allow you to purchase the mines on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum quicker.


Monsters should be levelled up by the same amount but with a higher focus on monsters that produce more coins. Levelling up a monster far past others will stall progress.


From Bone Island, there's the teleportation islands. Ethereal Island is the hardest of these as the Ethereals have a very low breeding chance [1%], compared to the higher chances of the Mythical, Shugabush, and Seasonal monsters. Magical Sanctum can be populated easily to gain shards through the purchase and then teleportation of single elemental magicals.


Focus on Wubbox as you begin to focus more on the teleport islands over others.


After teleportation islands, there's the egg islands. These should be focused on when breeding structures are free from breeding for common / teleportation island monsters.


Amber Island should be prioritised second. Monsters have monthly countdowns, meaning you'll have to consider if you have the time to get them and have all islands free that would be required for breeding eggs.


Celestial Island is the final island you should focus on, all monsters cost diamonds, are the hardest to obtain, and produce the same as Wublins. Although it can be focused on alongside amber, amber island should be more prioritised.


After you've completed the egg islands begin to obtain rares and epics. You'll likely run into a few accidentally on the way and they'll always be back!


Starpower is most effectively used by purchasing monsters' likes.


Never purchase monsters aside from monsters that cannot be bred at first like single elementals when buying an island, and egg requiring monsters.


Focus all diamonds towards castle upgrades, breeding structure and nursery upgrades, mirror islands, and bonus structures, and plant's maximum mine. This will allow you to obtain monsters faster and with more attempts.


Crystalline castle upgrades were only introduced so that one of each monster can be placed. From a gameplay perspective, it can often be more helpful to ignore them till you have the structures and items advised to spend your diamonds on.


It is easier to breed certain Rares and Epics for teleport islands on the other islands that they are on as they have a higher breeding chance there. These monsters include rare and epic Seasonals, Mythicals, and Ethereals. Consider teleporting them instead.


Some happiness decorations aren't worth their coin price and your unlikely to profit from them for a long time - perhaps even years depending on your playtime. Before purchasing them weigh up whether you will benefit, and if you should wait for a sale.


Use a Brump farm by waking up lots of Brump to obtain lots of diamonds. Brump's are easiest to awaken and take up the smallest space. Make sure to place down as many on the island as you possibly can in the space provided.


Focus coins into purchasing Unity Trees on islands around the time you obtain Water Island. They will quicken coin production largely by increasing monsters' likes by not minding where you place monsters or decorations anymore.


You can view how many decorations or monsters you have next to them inside the market.


Kayna on Amber Island is excellent for disposing of unsuccessful breeding attempts. It has a huge requirement list and no timer. Consider placing all unsuccessful breeding attempts into them and building a Kayna relic farm.


Rare and Epic Ethereals appear the least out of any monster. They only appear during Ethereal Islands seasonal event around June, Anniversary Month, and every so often. So try to prioritise them out of others when they are on sale.


Don't keep playing with the Colossingum when monsters start requesting for million/s of coins to be increased by one level until you've advanced: it's a waste of coins. Come back later!


At the end of November, there's a one off sale that doesn't happen anywhere else where wishing torches cost 25 diamonds to light forever. If you struggle to get torches lit from friends, consider saving up diamonds for this.


Spin the spin wheel in the castle everyday. You can obtain relics and diamonds there that are very helpful regardless of player level.


You can exchange diamonds for relics once per day in the market. I advise getting one relic for one diamond in the market each day regardless of player level.


Levelling monsters up past level 17 is usually not worth it as the time needed to regain resources is a lot higher. It could take years for you to earn the currency back from them.


There is a bonus reward limit. You can only collect so many bonus rewards before no more can be collected. Again, try to focus on levelling up monsters altogether.


If purchasing diamonds, wait till they are on sale to get some more.


The best way to level up your account is by baking food so that you don't waste resources by placing and selling decorations, a common method used, to level up.


Rare Wubbox is great for coin farms as it takes up only 1 bed space and makes more coins than regular wubbox.


Pay attention to what monsters would be best for making a coin farm. Although Epic Wubbox, legendary, and Mythical monsters are rarer they make less coins for the space and beds they need.


You can obtain diamonds from the offer wall on mobile; sometimes for free!


By using your referral code inside of the options menu, you can obtain 5 diamonds and gift 5 to another player. Try to find someone who will gift their 5 diamonds to you too, so you get 10 diamonds for free!


By tapping the nursery you can use the scratch ticket. In the scratch ticket you can get a free monster every week, which is especially helpful for new players. In Easter, Rare and epic monsters can be obtained with it and it can be used once everyday instead of every week.


Higher levelled monsters increase breeding chances.


When you're trying to breed normal monsters when limited time monsters are available, try to suppress the effects of island skins, wishing torches, and higher levelled monsters.


Baking, baking, we always love baking! Baking is a main means of progress. Use all the coins you can to bake everyday.


If a monster is near level 15 and a Gold Island goal is available for them, focus food into that monster to obtain the large reward from placing them on Gold Island. This will allow you to bake more food and level up quicker.


All teleportation islands can be prioritised in any order. Besides Ethereal Island, which should be prioritised last given the low breeding chances on that island.


Wubbox produces a lot of coins, but so do other monsters, and it will take a while for you to earn your coins back from feeding and purchasing them.


Wublin Island should be prioritised first out of the egg islands as it's the easiest of them. Doing this first will be quickest, and allow you to obtain diamonds.


Only use relics for Amber Island monsters, its castle, and Kayna on the fire and Magical Islands. Amber Island will let you get a steady stream of relics that can then be used to purchase werdos more quickly.


Only purchase Celestials when they are on sale each month / in events.


The main purpose of shards is for use on Tribal Island. When you have monsters on Ethereal or Sanctum, join a tribe on Tribal Island as soon as possible to earn diamonds and starpower.


Only use shards on Tribal Island as any other currency costs insane prices.


Monster sales happen all the time so don't feel desperate when the countdown for them to leave is about to run out.


Prioritise what you spend diamonds on by their cost and your current game status. For example, if a mirror island is available for 100 diamonds, purchase that over bonus breeding structures to increase currency supply quicker.


Mirror Islands serve the same function as normal islands, so if in favour of obtaining a complete island song over currency on the regular islands, these are ideal for being used as coin farms.


When you run out of castle space, place down a hotel. You get 10 extra beds for a low price. Also, you can get additional space inside them for potentially fewer diamonds.


This goes for high coin producing monsters too, the tub fountain costs 50,000,000 coins yet a level 20 wubbox would only reach its max coin amount 3 hours quicker.


Brump farms are ideal to start when plant and cold island are free from breeding common monsters on the Natural Islands, and are a better focus than teleport island monsters for quick progress.


You can store monsters likes into the warehouse and hotel and monsters will be still happy from them.


Werdos produce the best amount of coins for the space they take and the 1 bed they take up. They are amazing for coin farms once you have a amber island relic farm going.


To breed more fire and magical 4 element monsters, you can use Epic Kayna's combinations on screen. These breed them the magical 4 element monsters try most of the time.


Single element monsters on Magical Sanctum and Ethereal Island are the best shard producers and very easy to breed. Use these to create a shard farm.


For Colossingum levels, use diamonds if you have some spare to get past the first few levels that cost 1/2 diamonds so that you can go away from the game knowing that time is being used most efficiently.


Focus on levelling up monsters with more elements on the Colossingum over others. They are far stronger than lower ones.


Log in everyday as you'll get 28 diamonds and 14 relics every 10 days.


Take advantage of structure upgrade sales or even wait for them if the cost is high.


Only purchase Crystalline castle upgrades when they are on sale as they're very expensive. These are castle upgrades after the Paradise castle,


I love to use this tile path patterns across my islands. I think it looks pretty. Consider making your own tiled path patterns!


Even though everyone has the desire to remove obstacles, try to avoid doing so until your a few islands ahead generally. You can progress much faster by coming back to remove them later.


Don't forget to place monsters before selling them from the nursery to gain extra XP.


Ethereals are another monster great for coin farms as they produce a high amount of coins.


In September, anniversary month happens. Here, EVERY single sale for the game occurs and all monsters are available. Prepare for Anniversary Month especially as you can progress most in this time.


Dipsters take up 1 grid space and 0 beds. They're good for getting currency when early in the game and you have keys to spare.


You can customise your profile inside of the options menu. this includes your display name from "new player", avatar to any monster, and moniker.


Prepare for monsters ahead of their release by keeping your breeding structures free on the island they will release on or by breeding quads ready for new egg requiring monsters

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My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire


Go to the Starhenge observatory and roll daily. It comes up in-game automatically at login so make sure to keep logging in so you don't miss out on getting that months celestial.


Take advantage of the wondermine. You get free items like glitter that can craft into high XP items and Prismatic shards.


The skyship usually isn't worth your time; the rewards aren't usually worth the effort. Think strategically if doing a skyship package is worth your time and certainly don't put in rare resources you spent a lot of time and effort getting.


Get lots of Prismatic Monsters when they're available! They earn a lot of coins and are really cool to look at. If no Prismatics are available, get teleporting monsters so you are ready for the next time they come.


Don't sell on the Market. Give your monsters the items instead! It's not worth selling items on the Market as they can help you get your monster ready to teleport quicker. You earn barely any coins from selling items on the market compared to what you make from collecting coins from teleported monsters.


Don't upgrade structures. It's not worth the time and effort, except for diamond extractors to get diamonds quicker. The resources required are often ludicrous for the upgrade.


Don't spend diamonds on ANYTHING until you get your first diamond extractor. Diamonds are hard to come by. Diamond extractors and goals are the only real methods of getting any. Advisably get two diamond extractors before using any.


Don't forget putting monsters into the Prism Gate allows you to obtain even more prismatic shards.


Focus on using your coins on buying structures. That way you will be able to feed your monsters quicker and earn more coins on the outer islands. Use coins on decorations later, so you progress faster.


Buy everything on the Market when you are at a stage where you've teleported monsters and bought structures costing coins. It's easy to collect coins with the collect all button, and you'll be able to level up monsters quicker!


Reset a monsters order when you don't have what it wants. It only takes 15 minutes, which will fly by while you are playing. Although it is easier to give monsters whatever you have, do take advantage of orders and reset them to level up most efficiently.


Early in-game? Teleport a ton of Potbellys to Party Island to get more coins fast.

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