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Level Required
Cost 2
Level 10
Renowned: 100 Diamonds
Prestigious: 200 Diamonds



The Conservatory was the sole Structure miraculously still standing after the Colossingum's momentous emergence from its hiding place. Here, Monsters can train their musical abilities to achieve new levels of songful skill. For the time being, it can only house one student at a time, but expansion efforts are being considered to improve access to more Monsters at once.

Bio 2

(Conservatory 02 - Renowned Conservatory)
Now that's more like it! Thanks to modern engineering, this ancient Structure has been retrofitted to accommodate two students at once! Based on imagery discovered in its friezes, the innovation of a domed roof helps it to achieve a little more height and prominence... but could the envelope be pushed a bit further?

Bio 3

(Conservatory 03 - Prestigious Conservatory)
Huzzah! The Prestigious Conservatory can now comfortably meet the needs of three music students at once. A study room situated on the top floor ensures that advanced students get extra special care and attention and helps the Structure to tower over the landscape and present a Tweedle-eye's view of alumni on the surface of the Colossingum.

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