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Level Required
Sells for 1
Level 10
(Continent) 10,000 Coins (Outer Islands) 15,000 Coins
(Continent) 5,000 Coins



If you need more space on your Continent, the Monsters are more than happy to oblige. They’ll comfortably relax in the Hotel and rest their voices, tune their instruments, or however else they enjoy spending their free time.

Bio 2

(Party Island)
When it comes to accommodations on Party Island, this Hotel really takes the cake! Regular and Prismatic residents alike will love the colorful and flavorful architecture of this unique Structure.

Bio 3

(Space Island)
Even on Space Island, you can run out of space! That’s why this far-out Structure, complete with spacefaring features of astronomical proportions, is the perfect solution to get some (or any) breathing room.

Bio 4

(Cloud Island)
When the sky’s the limit, you need a Hotel to match! Don’t worry, this hot air balloon-Structure is tethered to the surface, so there’s no risk of it floating away.

Bio 5

(Cave Island)
Channel your inner troglodyte and check in to the Cave Hotel! This structure is an amalgam of clammy stone foundations and diverse edible fungi - perfect for Monsters!

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