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Humble Hotel



Level Required
Cost 2
Sells for 1
Sells for 2
1,500 XP
Level 15 (Humble) Level 18 (Classy) Level 21 (Grand) Level 21 (Enhanced) Level 21 (Hyper)
100,000 Coins Humble to Classy: 10 Diamonds Classy to Grand: 20Diamonds Grand to Enhanced: 30Diamonds Enhanced to Hyper: 40 Diamonds
100 Shards
75,000 Coins
75 Shards



(Hotel 01 - Humble Hotel)
Hard to believe, but every once in a while, even singing monsters need a break from all that singing. Luckily, this humble little hotel serves up the right kind of atmosphere for monsters to rest and relax. Simply tap the 'Check In' button when moving a monster. The only drawbacks are that your monsters won't earn any coins while they're in here, and won't affect the happiness of any other monsters on your island, unless you have the Unity Tree.

Bio 2

(Hotel 02 - Classy Hotel)
The addition made all the difference. Now monsters can look forward to all the comforts of home while preserving the illusion that they're on vacation. It's very clever how they do it, something to do with the placement of furniture.

Bio 3

(Hotel 03 - Grand Hotel)
Don't let anybody tell you differently, it's worth the upgrade to first class. The grand hotel is almost so appealing that monsters will never want to come back out. We said 'almost.'

Bio 4

(Hotel 04 - Enhanced Grand Hotel)
Necessity is the mother - or should we say Monster - of invention, and when new sub-species are discovered, we want to make sure they are welcomed with the proper pomp and circumstance. With that in mind, we bolstered the capacity of the Grand Hotel.

Bio 5

(Hotel 05 - Hyper Enhanced Grand Hotel)
This is it! The pinnacle of luxury! You know how you can tell, besides the fact that there's physically more space to house Monsters? Neon signage. That stuff is the real deal.

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