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Stair Shaper



Level Required
Level 18



So-named for the series of steps it creates to summon its sectaries, the Stair Shaper is a life form alien to the Monster World. That said, it shares some important similarities with the Colossals: its aspirations to create life and its musical affinity. Thus, it came to devise the novel mode of transportation called Transposition: it can vibrate matter at a different musical key and cause it to 'step' up or down to access new physical states. The statue that resides on the Nexus is but one of many forms that the Stair Shaper can take, but this form is best-suited to receive Transposed Magicals and vibrate them at the proper frequency to ensure maximum compatibility. Don't panic - even though the sensation of being Transposed to a different state of being can be disorienting, it's worth the trip.

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