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Breeding time:

2 days, 12 hours

2 days, 6 hours

Enhanced breed time:

1 day, 21 hours

1 day, 15 hours


Rare (Supernatural)


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Rare Wubbox


Time limit:



Sells For
Sells For (2)
XP Gain
Level 20
1 starpower
0 (inactive)
724,000+ coins (active)
1 XP

Breeding Combinations

Starts with the best combinations to use and ends with the worst.




Mystery Likes

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Egg Requirements


Unlike the common Wubbox, the Rare can be bought for a song - as long as you're singing the right tune. In this inactive state, it's hard to tell what physically differentiates the two monsters, but the most striking contrast is the Rare Wubbox's modest bed count - it's only one! We're hoping to learn more once this cryptic creature is powered up with monsters and awakens to share its song.
Get going with the boxing! Your common Natural Monsters just won't do - this picky customer only accepts Rares.

Bio 2

The story goes that this monster yearned to learn more about the human world, and embarked on a journey through the multiverse. It's now obvious that the Wubbox hurtled not only through space, but also time, towards its destination. Upon its return, it extolled the virtues of revolutionary music tech like turntables, keytars and vocoders. Thanks to its talent for self-customization, the Wubbox integrated pieces of its discoveries into its very being, forever altering its shape, song, and completing its transformation into the sensational Rare Wubbox.

Bio 3

(Inactive on Ethereal Island)
Well, well, well… looks like it's time to officialize the previously speculative monster class of 'Superethereal' - now it has two members! Just like its Supernatural cousins, this Electric Elemental isn't just a Monster World traveler, but a dimension traveler as well, having made stops in the human world before finally settling in the pocket dimension. Despite the Rare Wubbox's distinct appearance, all Wubbox exteriors have the same versatile chemical composition that allows for Monsters of various elements to be 'boxed' inside. It's believed that this unique material shared many properties with Bubblerite, a mineral native to the Monster World with creative potential housed inside every molecule.

Bio 4

(Active on Ethereal Island)
It was a long time coming but Rare Wubbox has finally joined the chorus of Ethereal Island, complete with its unique musical offerings synthesized from computer error messages it overheard during its travels in the human world! The increased presence of the Wubbox and its variant subspecies strengthens the theory postulated by some that the pocket dimension served as a sort of experimental sandbox for ancient beings endowed with the spirit of creation, before formalizing their handiwork in the main dimension. Obviously, we are not finished learning about the mysterious early days of the Monster World. Rare Wubbox seems to gravitate towards a particular meadow on Ethereal Island, where the fabric of reality has frayed and allowed pieces of different dimensions of the multiverse to cross over.

Bio 5

(Inactive on Fire Haven)
Howsoever the Common form of the Wubbox came to be found in the site of the former living core, specimens of the Rare variety seem to have followed it there as well, raising questions as to how the Monster's life cycle actually operates in the first place. If, as it's been confirmed was the case for other Rare Wubbox, it journeyed to the human world to derive inspiration for its robotic lyrics, how does it revert to egg form upon re-entering the Monster World? Is it a byproduct of being able to shift its consciousness through materials powered by Electricity? Or perhaps a feature built into its design by its creator? In any event, get going with the boxing! Your Common Natural and Fire Monsters wont do - this picky customer only accepts Rares.

Bio 6

(Active on Fire Haven)
The parallels of Natural and Fire Monsters reuniting on Fire Haven, compared with its own return to the Monster World to reacquaint itself with its Common cousin, are not lost on the Rare Wubbox. Despite styling itself as more of an adventurer than an inventor, the well-traveled Electric Elemental still relishes any opportunity to hobnob (Wubnob?) with the Wubbox, with whom it gets along famously. Regaling its cousin with tales of its experiences in the human world, it even took the time recently to confide secrets related to their very own nature, revealed during the Electric journey between dimensions. It seems that the path towards self-actualization, as the Rare Wubbox puts it, is aided by entering a state of hibernation or dormancy, something that all Electric Elementals have the potential to achieve. And with the ability to tap into a network of inter-connected minds and spirits, who knows for which Wubbox in the Monster World this information may have prove pertinent?

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