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Level Required
Level 9
50 Diamonds (Enhanced)



First created alongside Monster World cornerstones the Breeding Structure and Nursery, the Crucible uses the ancient objects of power known as Keys to literally ‘unlock’ the evolutionary potential within singing Monsters, the inside of the miraculous structure works like a sauna, getting hotter and hotter as more Relics are melted down. Once there is sufficient heat, the elements interact with the alchemical quality of keys and the crucible triggers the transformation from a Common to a Rare. The process is not infallible - sometimes, multiple attempts are required, but the unfurling of elemental flags will help.

Bio 2

The capabilities of the Crucible have been maximized in this Enhanced upgrade. A bucket of sizzling Relics is poised to raise the Heat to a whole new level, gilded embellishments abound, and a red carpet welcomes hopeful Monsters aiming to achieve the highest form of their Evolution - the Epic! Be warned: the Enhanced Crucible must raise its Heat level to extremes in order to facilitate Epic evolution - and if it doesn't work the first time, all of the residual Heat dissipates instantly and an Elemental Flag furls! Additionally, more Keys than ever before will be needed to stabilize these evolutions… the power of the condensed ancient stardust from the Big Clangor contained within each Key will be pushed to its limit!

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