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Breeding time:

2 days

1 day, 19 hours, 12 minutes

Enhanced breed time:

1 day, 12 hours

1 day, 7 hours, 12 minutes




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Time limit:



Cost (2)
Sells For
Sells For (2)
XP Gain
XP Gain (2)
Level 20
75,000,000 coins
150,000 shards
56,448,078 coins
112,500 shards
37,500,000 XP
1 XP (Wublin)

Breeding Combinations

Starts with the best combinations to use and ends with the worst.




Mystery Likes

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Egg Requirements


One day as the monsters were tunneling underground, they stumbled upon an immense underground vault containing several of the mysterious objects known as the Wubbox. Very little is known of their origin or purpose, save a few observations:
After being incubated in the nursery, sample analysis of the box's exterior indicates that it shares traits with every known monster species - in fact, it even has specialized compartments with an otherworldy shrinking technology. The box is also imbued with an elemental energy unfamiliar to those on the surface - a shocking discovery, to say the least.

Gather some intrepid monster volunteers and see what happens when you 'box' them!

Bio 2

Eureka! The Wubbox awakes! As it turns out, this extraordinary electric elemental is vital to the life processes of the colossal island monsters that the other singing denizens call home. The shrunken monsters used to power up the creature report that inside is as fun as any playground they've ever seen, so they are happy to stay indefinitely.
The robotic chirps and whistles it uses to express itself can take some getting used to, but eventually become a beloved and inextricable part of the island's tune. Besides, it's all the rage in "current" music.

The specific breeding characteristics of the Wubbox have not yet been studied.

Bio 3

(Inactive on Ethereal Island)
In a startling turn of events that none in the Monster world could have ever predicted, more of the mysterious Wubbox have been discovered deep in the subterranean recesses of Ethereal Island. This discovery, which flies in the face of the Monster's previous designation as Supernatural, has sparked intense debate among Monster classifiers, with some proposing a new theoretical 'Superethereal' class be created.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, however, is that this Wubbox variant is powered up in the same way as its Natural island counterparts... by 'boxing' other Monster species inside!

Gather some intrepid Monster volunteers and see what happens when you 'box' them!

Bio 4

(Active on Ethereal Island)
Eureka! The Wubbox awakes!
While this 'Superethereal' Monster retains the Elemental affiliation with Electricity, its very presence on Ethereal Island is baffling at best. This finding could have far-reaching implications for the Monster World, suggesting a closer relationship between Ethereal Island and the other islands than previously imagined. Was Ethereal Island ever part of the main dimension? Could it be that all of the Colossals once lived together in a state of unity and harmony?

As these and other mysteries continue to tantalize, the Wubbox enthusiastically sings and dances alongside its Ethereal friends, and even produces Shards too!

Bio 5

(Inactive on Wublin Island)
What many have suspected for a while has finally been confirmed - The Wubbox is indeed the creator of the Wublins! This Monster admitted to being inspired to create life based on remembrances of an otherworldly visitor that seemed to come from the heaven above. Yearning to create a Supernatural Family of its very own, it tapped into its intrinsic elemental Electricity to devise the power to zap Monster eggs. Content with the diversity and Wublins it has created, the Wubbox has settled in to become a permanent resident of Wublin Island and has invited its brethren to share in the experience of being Boxed, just like Natural and Ethereal Monsters before them!
Only Wublins that have been awoken may be Boxed.

Bio 6

(Active on Wublin Island)
Upon being powered up, the Wubbox inspected Wublin Island from up close for the first time, as it only ever done so before through secretive, arcane methods. Pleased with the Electricity-themed decor of the island but deciding it needed a little sprucing up, the Wubbox has made it possible for Decorations to be placed on Wublin Island for the first time. It has also lifted the limit on the number of unique Wublin statues on the island at a time, so multiples of the same Wublin can now exist. When not cavorting with its Supernatural family, the Wubbox can be found wistfully carving the initials W.B. + G.V in nooks and crannies out of sight... Not sure what's that about.

Bio 7

(Inactive on Fire Haven)
Depending on who you ask, Fire is either a Natural Element existing alongside its fellow five, or an outlier enjoying a special elevated status more akin to the Supernatural Element of Electricity. No matter where you fall in the debate, it still came as a surprise to discover more of the mysterious Wubbox in the remains of the living core. Curiously, the Powerup requirements for these specimens is a mixture of Monsters from multiple classes (a first for the Wubbox) suggesting that whomever placed them in the location in the first place was hoping for a reunion of the two families someday...

Bio 8

(active on Fire Haven)
With a Wubbox now powered up on a Fire Island, it begs the question:
Was this Monster stowed away in secret, as were the others around the time of the formation of the Natural Islands? Or was it instead the first to be placed by its creator back in the waning days of the Dawn of Fire era?

Perhaps inadvertently squirreled away alongside other valuables as the Fire Monsters fled the prehistoric Continent and sought refuge in the Living Core? We may never know for sure, but what's certain is that it's supremely satisfying to reunite the partnering elements of Fire and Electricity in such stupendous fasion!

Bio 9

Bio 10

Zap Eggs

Egg Consumption