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Level 7



(Broken Down)
Many secrets of the Monster World have been transcribed and tucked away on parchment: Kayna's Map, which revealed the existence of the prehistoric Continent; or Blabbit's Scroll, which led to the discovery of Wublin Island. In those cases, it was the cooperation and resolve of special residents of the human world that solved the puzzles, so it seems appropriate that the secret to rousing the Colossals, is hiding among the scraps of those Colossal Conundra and inside a remarkable obelisk called a Coloss-Eye. Even though these Structures are newly-arrived, Bubblerite dating of the stone used in its construction position its age alongside other elements of Monster antiquity like Monstroglyphics or Vessels. As more puzzle pieces are collected, the obelisk will be restored bit by bit to its full potential. It's said that once a Conundrum is completed and IF one knows how to 'read between the lines', the Coloss-Eye will shudder to life and outstretch, prompting the sleeping spirit to awaken and join in the island's song. Only then, can the burden of its ancient sacrifice be lifted and the Colossal be made 'whole' once more.

Bio 2

(Plant Island)
In the earliest days of the Monster World, Grennitch sought out the cosmic being that had taken up residence among the stars arranged in the shape of a crisp leaf. It had been ordained that this Colossal, like so many of its kindred, would serve as the musical instructor for these entities, and impart upon them the majesty and magic of music. When Grennitch first made contact, they were very inspirited by the powerful life energy emananting from their pupil - the very cosmic dust from which it was constituted could be likened to spores on the wind. Eventually, they settled together on a 'voice' that evoked the efflorescent sounds of spring; the whisper of the wind through the reeds; the potential contained within each tiny seed; and a name. After reinventing itself as the Celestial of Plant, the Blasoom gave Grennitch gifts in return: a life-long affinity for all green things, a special communion with nature, and a deep connection to one of the foundational elements of the universe.

Bio 3

(Cold Island)
The Colossal Frigil had always considered themselves a loner, especially in comparison to some of the more gregarious members of the Colossal choir. It was never easy for them to socialize or find common ground or shared interests with the others, to the point where being alone seemed like the most favorable option. As such, there was a great deal of trepidation on Frigil's part when it was determined that they would be responsible for the musical tutelage of one of the future Celestials - after all, the cosmic entity in question enjoyed a reputation for being overwhelmingly friendly and outgoing. How would they get on? As it turned out, this 'odd couple' pairing proved mutually beneficial to both parties - the newly-christened Glaishur gained an understanding that shyness or introversion is not the same as being unfriendly; and Frigil learned not to try and change themselves to accommodate others. To know their worth, celebrate their weirdness and present their authentic selves. And most importantly, to embrace the wintry stillness of solitude.

Bio 4

(Air Island)
Of the many Colossals who contributed to the creation of the Monster World, it was Zeffree who was most strongly enamored of gadgets and gizmos. They believed that by augmenting a being's body with cybernetic or synthetic enhancements, the resulting amalgam of organic and mechanical would be that much more impressive. One can imagine Zeffree's enthusiasm, then, when they were chosen to assist one of the cosmic beings from the universe's inception in learning music and achieving a corporeal form. During their introduction to one another, the Colossal offered countless suggestions for robotic chassis, sophisticated instruments, and the like. Yet the Celestial graciously refused them all. When pressed for a reason why, it explained that harnessing the power of the imagination was enough to manifest its creativity, and then two collaborated on a one-of-a-kind musical technique for the aptly-named Attmoz. Zeffree never did outgrow their love for gadgetry, but they now had a greater appreciation for attitudes that differed from their own. Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter.

Bio 5

(Water Island)
Ever since its first moments of consciousness, Hyddryd had been drawn by the prospect of adventure. The most intrepid of the Colossals, they longed to explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos, and visit every world that twinkled with the potential of life and civilization. At first, the assignment to teach one of the Celestials to sing came as a disappointment to Hyddryd, as they believed this would disrupt their adventuring. What a pleasant surprise, then, to learn that the Celestial entity with which they had been partnered was a kindred spirit, equally keen to throw caution to the wind and set sail for new horizons, So that’s exactly what the link-minded pair did for some time in the early ages of the Monster World. Sometimes this swashbuckling attitude resulted in trouble, as both were equally fearless and neither tempered the other’s penchant for risking life and limb until it was too late (in the case of one limb in particular). Nevertheless, their bond was strengthened in adversity, and when Hyddryd and the Celestial of Water, soon-to-be dubbed Hornacle, finally settled on its music, it was a bright and clear clarion call that beckoned all who wander back to the familiar comforts of home.

Bio 6

(Earth Island)
Sollum had never had any difficulty socializing and entertaining its fellow Colossals, and was an enthusiastic contributor in the chorus. But when the ordainment came down that they would be responsible for the musical instruction of a Celestial, Sollum was surprised to feel a little social anxiety at the prospect. Performing their own music was one thing, but they weren't feeling as confident in their ability to inspire another - even though they had heard that the cosmic being in question was easygoing and level-headed. Not that any of the other Colossals would ever have known - Sollum played it off and assured everyone that it would be taken care of. Over time though, the others became aware of the Colossal's procrastination and the various excuses it devised to get out of its responsibility. Eventually, a set of circumstances were contrived wherein Sollum and the being would 'run into each other' - and with the pressures of their task out of mind, the two jammed and grooved until the Celestial of Earth, the Torrt, had settled into a comfortable rhythm. You might say that the Colossals' social experiement was a 'resounding' success!

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