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Storage Shed



Level Required
Cost 2
Sells for 1
Sells for 2
1,000 XP
Level 15 (Shed) Level 18 (Barn) Level 21 (Warehouse) Level 21 (Enhanced) Level 21 (Hyper)
100,000 Coins Shed to Barn: 10 Diamonds Barn to Warehouse: 20 Diamonds Warehouse to Enhanced: 30 Diamonds Enhanced to Hyper: 40 Diamonds
100 Shards
75,000 Coins
75 Shards



(Storage 01 - Storage Shed)
Doing some redecorating? Not sure to do with that old decoration but don't want to sell it? Leave it in the storage shed - Just tap the pack button when you're moving a decoration. Unfortunately, the happiness effects produced by outside objects do not extend inside its reinforced walls, so your monsters' happiness may shift accordingly... unless you have a unity tree.

Bio 2

(Storage 02 - Storage Barn)
The storage barn has even more room for your decorations to live when they're not on display. The lock's been upgraded too, to make it even more secure.

Bio 3

(Storage 03 - Storage Warehouse)
All the space you'd ever need. The monsters aren't entirely sure how they accomplished the feat of physics wizardry that is the storage warehouse, seeing as it looks the same size from the exterior. In any event, you'd best take advantage of it before the warehouse realizes it too!

Bio 4

(Storage 04 - Enhanced Storage Warehouse)
As technology advances, we see amazing strides forward in all manner of optimization. Some of the most impressive progress has been achieved in storageology - now with more efficient ventilation, reinforced Bubblerite walls and Monster handprint tech to make sure your extra Decorations stay secure!

Bio 5

(Storage 05 - Hyper-Enhanced Storage)
It doesn't get much better than this! Above and beyond the accordionized roof to allow for even more Decorations to fit inside, security has been beefed up as well. Not satisfied with run-of-the-mill camera surveillance, we've upgraded the lock system to have an all-seeing eye that's actually alive! No one will dare disturb the contents of this Structure so long as it keeps watch over the entrance.

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