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Level 19



Combining Ethereal Elements in groupings greater than two is understood to be incredibly unstable. The unique conditions of the Workshop make it the only place in the Monster World where such risky maneuvers are attempted, and that's mostly to do with the presence of the Synthesizer. The 'mad science' of the Workshop reaches its zenith with this living Structure, which is responsible for stabilizing the Elemental energies from attuned Meebs into the coalesced eggs of new Ethereal hybrids. Taking care not to harm the Meebs is delicate work, and because each Element imparts a different amount of instability, certain combinations are still too unstable for the Synthesizer to withstand. Future upgrades must be considered to expand the Workshop family further.

Bio 2

The Refined Synthesizer has been upgraded from the base form to accommodate for the instability present in more advanced Triple combinations, and can even manage the least unstable Quad-Element configuration (albeit with some difficulty). The payoff is this advanced Synthesis process requires an already-coalesced form to build upon, so a Triple-Element Ethereal must be prepared to undergo the transformation of a lifetime to accomplish it. That, and more Attuned Meebs and Shards are needed than ever before. But no matter - in the name of science, progress cannot be halted and innovation never curtailed! Onward!

Bio 3

As the Synthesizer continues to undergo refinements that allow for increasingly unstable Ethereal Elemental combinations to be formed, the living Structure itself appears to be changing as well. The 'hose' that connects the tumbling Meebs has lengthened to accommodate greater energy demands, and the glow from the central chamber seems to have shifted in hue as well. Most notably, the modest bulb near the top that began as a container for some mysterious chemical agent has swelled to a more impressive size, and now houses… something else.

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