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Englobulated F.U.M.






Available in:



Level Available
Sells for 1
Sells for 2
Price 2
Xp Gain
Level 24
25,950,000 coins
51,900 shards
34,600,000 coins
69,200 shards
8,650,000 XP


This creature, or "Fortuitously Unidentified Monster", has been right under our noses for... who knows how long! It is rumored that Dr. Wardin Spurrit spent an extensive amount of time trying to learn more about this apparently one-of-a-kind specimen, claiming to have witnessed its silhouette multiple times while studying the Rift, but it was near impossible to track due to its tendency of being able to "hop" between the endless alternate dimensions of which encircle the Monster World. However, the effort was revitalized quite recently, and after a fortuitous encounter - the details of which we've been told shall remain murky, miry even - we’ve been able to study it and learn about its cryptic nature. It is assuredly highly intelligent, deeming itself "a Monster, of course" but one that is “too sophisticated to sing”, despite our campaigns of encouragement. It has stated that it prefers to be kept in dormancy inside this mechanism, so it can "ponder and think to itself". According to data collected vis-à-vis brainwaves, exactly what it mulls over 24/7 is "beyond your comprehension and none of your Humbugswax".

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